Strength in numbers, strong in ability

Once upon a time martial arts were practised in isolation – people chose a martial art and stuck with that one, rarely crossing over into other disciplines. At the time, such frivolity would have been frowned on.

Thankfully, times have changed. Most martial artists are now free to develop their experience across the arts to make their skills as rounded as possible.

As a practitioner of martial arts, and as Master of Coverack Ju Jitsu Club, I have always been a strong believer in feeling free to try out other disciplines. I was lucky to have begun my training with a forward thinking instructor in Grand Master Den Butler, and thanks to his openness to my training across disciplines, I’ve been able to experience a huge range of different martial arts, which has influenced my approach today. Not only have I always offered to share our art with other clubs, but we also actively encourage our own students to enjoy training in other disciplines too.

Over the years, we’ve always worked closely with the Killer Bees, sharing our mutual knowledge and experience to broaden our individual skills. We’d love to expand on this and share with other clubs too.  If you’re part of a club that shares this way of thinking, why not get in touch.


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