Useful links

Genshin Kai

Genshin Kai is a form of the Japanese martial art ju-jitsu, and is the form that Trev practises.  Devised as an easy to learn system of self defence by Grand Master Den Butler, it is officially recognised by theInternational Society of Head Founders & Head Families (ISHH).  You’ll spot a mention or two for Trev on the Genshin Kai website!

Cobra Martial Arts Association

The CMAA is a national supporting body for all martial arts. Their aim is to bring all martial arts together in a fair, equal and open minded manner. As such, they recognise all known styles, systems and proven grades. With several thousand members and affiliates through England, Scotland, Wales, Northern and Southern Ireland, the CMAA has grown to be one of the largest groups of it’s kind in the UK.

Tae Kwon Do Cornwall

Tae Kwon Do Cornwall are a group of the longest serving ITF black belts in the region. They offer the most diverse and dynamic Taekwando syllabus available. They offer a modern approach to martial arts training but without diluting the strong traditional values that are so important for turning out high calibre students, practitioners and members of the society.


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