Summer Camp write-up and pics now live – CLICK HERE

I’m Trevor, I’m based in Cornwall and for over thirty years I’ve trained in the martial art of Ju-Jitsu.  I am a 6th dan and been awarded a place in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

To find out about the club and our classes, to read more about Ju-Jitsu or to find out more about what I’ve been up to, take a look around the site.



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  1. Simon Jewell says:

    Cannot wait to start learning some new skills.

  2. Tim Charleston says:

    Think i may have to get my uniform out the closet …wonder if it will still fit

  3. Robert vincent says:

    You wouldnt last 2 minuets against me trev and i have a perfect water boy for us i think stuffy is the perfect man haha

  4. alex stuthridge says:

    Very intrested in giving this ago, seeing as trev keeps putting me on my ass at work.

  5. Darren Drew says:

    Trevor is my new idol and I cannot wait to start learning to be awesome like trev.

  6. Tony Bowden says:

    Best of luck Trevor, from Cornwall Bujinkan. We trained together 30 years ago.Tony

  7. drew skipper says:

    Love the comment Darren! what an awesome eve i have had, thanks to everyone and especially to Trev who is actually a legend!

  8. Peter says:

    Well after just coming back from nita’s taekwondo summer camp I meet up with Sensi Trevor Roberts, I also went along to one of his seminars. It was great to see and train in them couple of hours in Ju – Jitsu, not only was it good to learn a different style but Mr Roberts made you feel relax as well, from the time we all got there untill the seminar was finish he did not stop, it was also good to see the traditional ways of the Japanese art Ju – Jitsu, it was great time and thank you all the best regards Peter Hewitt 4th Degree Taekwon-Do.

  9. Charlotte Lange says:

    Just back from NITA Camp in Cornwall aside from a brilliant and fun weekend we had some excellent training seminars. Master Roberts was brilliant and really fulfills the criteria of a ‘Sensi’. I really enjoyed the seminar and got a great deal out of it. Brilliant!!!! Kind Regards Charlotte Lange 1st Defree Taekwon- do.

  10. Dave Smithers says:

    Hi Trev,

    Can you post details of September class times when you have them.


  11. Simon Jewell says:

    Thank you to Trev, Ricky, and Vince for a great first session at coverack Ju-jitsu. Cheers.

  12. Drew says:

    The eagerly awaited 1st official lesson! Really good atmosphere and a privilege to be taught by some very good (and patient) instructors! Thanks Master Roberts and sensei’s Ricky (the ab master!)and vince.

  13. simon stevenson says:

    Trevor, we have just returned to the helston area and I am keen to get involved. I have studied ju jitsu in the past, and both of my kids (9 and 7) would be interested if there are places available. Do you have any taster sessions, or try nights coming up? Thanks, simon.

    • Hi Simon, thanks for your interest. The taster sessions for this year are over, but you are very welcome to come to the next session, on Thursday27th, at the Lambeage Hall in Coverack. The junior class starts at 6 pm, and the senoir class is from 7.15. There are spaces in both, and I would be delighted to see you. My telephone number is 01326 280929, after 6 pm, if you’d like to discuss anything first.

      • simon stevenson says:

        Trevor, an amazing session. Both sam and myself thoroughly enjoyed the session. It had a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, very welcoming but brilliant fun! Thank you. I have now got a sore shoulder after sam has been demonstrating all techniques learnt to his mother and you can guess who his victim was! We can’t wait to get stuck in more and learn more! Thanks again. Simon and samuel.

  14. Simon stevenson says:

    Long time since my last post here! Fantastic grading today for my green belt. The club goes from strength to strength!

  15. Richard Scott says:

    Hi I am moving to the area next week, just wondering if this club is still going?

  16. Trevor Roberts says:

    Hi Scott ,yes the club is back on after the summer holidays start back Thurs 18th can you ring me on 01326280929 or 07977432258 Trevor .

  17. Think Id need to lose at least * stone before I don the go again

  18. Steve Downing says:

    Can’t wait to get stuck in again in four weeks’ time. I will be getting jujitsu withdrawal symptoms by then!

  19. Sam Richards says:

    Thank you for an amazing welcome and accommodating Theo during his extended stay he has looked forward to every session, giving regular demonstrations at home. Your patience and care has been much appreciated, keeping a 4 yr old on task is a great skill. Looking forward to returning to the dojo soon, thanks and best wishes Theo (and Sam)

  20. John Mc Groary says:

    Hello Trevor,
    Regarding summer seminar, hoping to catch a session, ok if i just turn up at required time? Rather than buy ticket in advance
    Is it £15.00 per 3 hr session?
    Thanks John Mc Groary

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