Coverack Ju Jitsu trains with Killer Bees

jujitsuclub and killerbees

This evening we welcomed Gareth and Co from Cornwall’s Taekwon-do club the Killer Bees, to our dojo.

Both the junior and senior classes were led by Killer Bees instructor Gareth Smith, and the students really embraced the opportunity to train with an excellent, experienced instructor.

As a club our ethos is all about development and growth. We’re always keen to work with other genres of martial art and have built a great relationship with the Killer Bees. Taekwon-do and ju jitsu work well together and that really showed this evening in our training.

I’m pretty sure our students will be aching tomorrow!!

Thanks Gareth!

2015-05-14 18.44.24

2015-05-14 19.00.31 2015-05-14 19.01.17 2015-05-14 19.23.02 2015-05-14 19.37.49

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1 Response to Coverack Ju Jitsu trains with Killer Bees

  1. Steve Downing says:

    Twas a good session, that one. I think I prefer the black gi I’ve got since that photo was taken though

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