Summer Camp Line-Up and Training Schedule

This year’s summer camp is the biggest and best yet. As well as seminars with organisers Master Trevor Roberts and Sensei Gareth Smith, check out this incredible line-up, an awesome opportunity to train with some of the top names across the world of martial arts…

See the full training schedule below


About the instructors

Raphael Dos Santos

Raphael Dos Santos has over 30 years training under his belt, having started out with Judo and ten years later falling in love with Brazilian Ju Jitsu.

He has a string of global wins to his name…

World Champion (NOGI)
3 x European Champion
3 x World Pro Trials Champion
English Champion
World Pro Abu Dhabi Main Event Silver Medallist
IBJJF World Masters Bronze Medallist


Ronnie Green

Ronnie Green is a retired professional kickboxer who changed the face of UK and world Muay Thai Kickboxing when he became the first foreigner to not only beat but also be ranked in the main stadiums in Thailand.

World Kickboxing Association (WKA) light middleweight title
World Kickboxing Association (WKA) super welterweigh title
5 times British Muay Thai Kickboxing Champion
5 times European Champion
5 times World Muay Thai Kickboxing champion


Pat Le Hoang

Pat Le Hoang runs a Muay Thai Academy where traditional and competitive styles from various systems are all taught under one roof, also providing Silat-Stick Fighting-Kuntao-Qi Jong from various in-house friends/teachers.

Le Hoang specialises in martial arts stunt fight choreography/consultancy and offers private military security and personal security details.


Clive Harrison

Master Clive Harrison Tae Kwon Do 8th Dan has over 40 years experience in martial arts and has helped over 400 students achieve their black belt.


Mark Weir

A highly experienced Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, ranked number 1 in the country since 1999 and described as being ‘the most experienced active fighter in the UK’.

He has fought in the UFC, WEC, PRIDE, Cage Rage, UCMMA, Pancrase and BodogFIGH.

Former Cage Rage British Middleweight Champion.


Den Butler

A highly experienced martial artist with over 40 years training, starting out with Shotokan Karate and going on to train in Kodokan Judo, Goshin Jutsu, Iaido and Karate.

For the past 20 years Grand Master Butler has run his own full time Martial Arts Centre in Melksham.

As well as being a 10th Degree Black Belt in Ju Jitsu, Den Butler also has the following belts:

1st Dan Black Belt Judo
2nd Dan Kyusho Jitsu
1st Dan Black Belt Brithai Karate
2nd Dan Black Belst Goshin Jutsu
6th Dan Black Belt Shotokan Karate
1st Dan Black Belt Iaido
8th Dan Black Belt Genshin Iaido

Training Schedule

Morning and evening seminars will last around 3 hours, with afternoons free for you to relax / explore the area.


6.30pm – 9pm  Coverack Ju Jitsu club night with any guests that have already arrived


9am – Master Trevor Roberts and Grand Master Den Butler [Japanese Ju Jitsu]

6pm – Raphael de santos [Brazilian Ju Jitsu]


9am – Master Clive Harrison and Gareth Smith [Tae Kwon Do]

6pm – Pat Le Hoang and Ronnie Green [Muay Thai Kickboxing]

9pm – Barbecue


9am – Mark Weir [MMA]

12 onwards – Coverack Regatta (an annual event held on Coverack harbour with boat and swimming races and activities, refreshments and entertainment)